Columbia Lakefront Brick Finder
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Columbia Lakefront Brick FinderSystem
    Instructions to find your brick
  • Type some or all of the text on your brick.
  • Click the Search Button.
  • A list of all of the bricks containing the typed text will display each with its coordinates.
  • Click the hyperlink of the brick you want to find.
  • A map of all bricks will display. The location of the brick you are seeking will be highlighted in red.
  • Print the brick map and bring it with you to the Kittamaqundi Lakefront to help you find the brick.
  • As an added help click the hyperlink of the red brick location. A list of all the other bricks in the same general location will display. When you are looking for your brick at the lakefront this will help you know when you are close to your brick.

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